We offer SSL Ceriticate reseller program to sell trusted SSL Certificates to your customers. Our complete Website Security Solutions includes various types of SSL validations like Domain Validated Organization Validated, Extended Validation SSL Certificates and also available other different certificates are Code Signing Certificates, Wildcard SSL, Multi-Domain or SAN SSL Certificates etc. You can resell our wide range of SSL products as your own brand name using our platform and earn more money.

Our Resellers will be represented as direct brand SSL reseller to your customers and we are anonymous to your clients. We are one stop solutions for world’s leading certificate authorities reseller opportunity provider in Kenya and across the globe.

Comodo / Sectigo Reseller Program
DigiCert SSL Reseller Program
Symantec SSL Reseller Program
Thawte SSL Reseller Program
GeoTrust SSL Reseller Program
RapidSSL Reseller Program

To make reselling Website Security Solutions even more appealing, we offer you generous volume discounts through our best SSL reseller program as well as exclusive benefits and features.


Kenya SSL Certificate Reseller Pricing

SSL Period Register Renew
Domain Validation SSL 1 yr USD 15.00 USD 15.00
Company Validation SSL 1 yr USD 50.00 USD 50.00
EV SSL Certificate 1 yr USD 150.00 USD 150.00
Wilcard SSL Certificate 1 yr USD 90.00 USD 90.00
SAN/ UCC SSL Certificate SSL Certificate 1 yr USD 96.00 USD 96.00

The SSL Reseller Service is a 100% white label system which means your customers are your customers. We'll never send your customers to our retail site or contact them with marketing material.

Our SSL Reseller Service is fully automated enabling you to offer SSL Certificates to your customers via a sophisticated online ordering system, without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure.

Our order system is linked directly to the issuing Certificate Authorities which means your SSL orders are completed in real time and fulfilled automatically.

Our support department monitor all reseller orders and will ensure to assist you with handy tips to maximize sales and to retain customer satisfaction.

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