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Free web hosting in Kenya is a popular trend in today's web hosting world, where one gets to create and run their online website for free, with no penny spent. One gets to find thousands of different free web hosting companies over the Internet with a quick search. All these different companies are not the same, but they are similar in the types of free web hosting services that they are offering. Therefore, before you start looking out for any free host, table out all your key requirements clearly is the key. Then define the ranking for these requirements in their descending order, start with the one with the highest priority. This will help to drive for the host selection to be easier and less time-consuming.

A few key aspects to consider when it comes to finding a free web host-

a. Ad-free hosting -
The fact is that these free web hosting companies are offering their services for free, which in turn they will have the privilege to place their advertisements on your websites for free, which is the revenue where they are targeting for in the first place. This is how they make money and survive.

It is very hard to find any free web hosting which is advertisement free, but the least that you would probably do is to check out what kind of advertisements would they be posting at your site. If the host is sincere to share the content of the advertisements with you, with these advertisements not portraying any elements of pornographic or violence, it is worth consideration especially if yours is a small online business and is limited in terms of setting up budget for the start.

b. Space / bandwidth -
Free hosting often rent out their servers and all the resources of this same server needs to be shared by all its users, which can be up to thousands at a given point of time. Due to this fact, it is very rare and unlikely for free web hosting to offer large bandwidth and space to any of their clients. If you are offered by some free services with over 10GB of space and bandwidth, you should reconsider the deal cautiously before buying in for there may be hidden mischief and tricks behind the screen.

The average amount of bandwidth offered by a free host range from 1GB to 3GB, and if you feel that your site would require more than this amount of bandwidth, then the advice is go for paid web hosting for they will be able to fulfill your web hosting needs instead of free web hosting.

c.Technical Support -
It is very rare to get any technical support from the free web hosting provider because you have not being paying for the necessary monthly fees to be asking for the support now. Because this non-charge web services need to be operated within a lower budget as compared to shared or dedicated web hosting, they cannot afford to man for the live support, instead their clients will be asked to contact the given phone number or email address if you happen to face some issues regarding your sites and its services.

If your website is supporting a small online business and occasional down-time is still acceptable, then free web hosting is the right choice for you. However, it will be a different case if you are running a huge operation supporting hundreds of smaller companies or owning thousands of clients, where free hosting is never something realistic for medium or big online business.

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