How to configure domains in WHMCS

This page explains how to configure the prices you charge to your clients for domain registration and associated addons. Instructions for configuring WHMCS to register/renew/transfer domains automatically can be found at Domains Configuration.

Domain pricing is managed via Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing. Here is you configure all the Extensions/TLDs you wish to offer, their features & pricing.

Adding a New TLD

  1. The empty last row in the TLDs table is where you add new TLDs to your list
  2. Begin by entering the TLD including the preceeding . for example ".com", ".net", etc...
  3. If DNS Management, Email Forwarding or ID Protection is available & should be offered for this TLD check the boxes
  4. If an EPP code is required for transfers, tick the EPP Code box
  5. And if you want automatic registration to occur on payment, choose the registrar which should be used in the dropdown (more about this later on)
  6. Then click Save Changes to complete the process
  7. You cannot configure pricing until after the TLD has been added. Following the first save, click the Open Pricing button on the new TLDs row to edit the pricing matrix for the years available on this TLD. You must click "Enable" next to each year/currency to enable pricing for it.

You may have noticed the pricing slab feature, this enables different domain pricing to be specified for different client groups on a per-TLD basis. More information can be found in Client Groups.

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