How to Fix ECONNREFUSED – connection refused by server error in FileZilla

Step 1 — Accessing Network Configuration Wizard in FileZilla Client

To access Network Configuration Manager in your Filezilla client, you press Edit and then select Network Configuration Wizard option.

Network Configuration Wizard

You should now see a Firewall and router configuration wizard. Since we cannot make any changes here, press the Next button.

Network Configuration example

Step 2 — Configuring Transfer Mode

You can now select a transfer mode, choose Passive (recommended) as Default transfer mode. Afterward, click on Allow fallback to other transfer mode on failure and press Next.

Site Manager

Step 3 — Configuring Passive Mode

All you need to select here is Use the server’s external IP address instead and press on Next

Passive mode

Step 4 — Configuring External IP address

As you move forward with this configuration, you should select Get external IP address from the following URL:. If input field is blank, enter the default value which is

Once you have done that, proceed by pressing Next.

External IP

Step 5 — Configuring Port Range

You do not need to make any specific port range configuration here, so select Ask operating system for a port and proceed by clicking Next.

Port range configuration

Step 6 — Testing Configuration

You have provided FileZilla with all the required information. Now you need to make sure that everything is configured correctly. Click on Test button and FileZilla will try to connect to in order to perform some simple tests.


If the test was successful and you have not received any error messages, try connecting to your hosting account. If you still get the ECONNREFUSED error, contact your hosting customer support team for assistance.


By finishing this short tutorial, you have successfully configured your Filezilla Firewall and router settings. You should no longer get ECONNREFUSED – connection refused by server error while connecting to the server.

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