Beware of Cybercrimes in Online Enterprises Kenya

Cybercrime has caused a tremendous loss both directly and indirectly as far as small and medium enterprises are concerned, be they online or not. Amassing thousands of dollars as cyber criminals' illegal means affecting time and productivity has become a growing concern not only to big companies but also among small time business owners. With this emerging fraud online, all the more online marketers must take precautionary measures to protect their online business.

Why do hackers target small businesses?

Businesses relying on Internet and online transactions are susceptible to fraud and theft. It's hard to track hackers or cybercriminals as they are lurking in anonymity but they have one thing in common - to sneak and get your money and property. They have a devious means to target not only big companies but also the SMEs capitalizing on their weak security. While there are frauds happening in big companies, the small businesses are becoming the easiest prey among the cybercriminals.

Hackers are going after 'low hanging fruits'. Said 'low hanging fruits' refer to the companies that have less security awareness and do not have the proper defenses in place.

Compared to bigger organizations with tighter security measures in place, these types of companies care less of being targeted because of the notion that they are just a small company with nothing to offer. But hackers' secret confession all depends on what they can reap when the target is already laid down in the open.

Small businesses are an appealing target because they don't have information infrastructure and security solutions to detect penetration and frauds.

What if your online business is attacked?
Well, hacking has already become a normal thing in any online business. Website developers are all the more informed and aware of this already. So, what if your website is attacked? The answer is simple! Start with getting a good web developer to secure your site all the time. While cybercrimes are inevitable, they can somehow be prevented if you know the right thing to do.

If you suddenly noticed that a monetary transaction is done in your account, especially if it's a huge money transfer from a certain place or somewhere else where you don't do business done in incognito, chances are, you have been hacked! Contact your bank immediately and report this matter to your web developer so he can do something about it, change the settings, perhaps, or block the fraud.

Immediate action is necessary in cases like this. As soon as you have identified an incident, act right away. By doing so, you will more likely get your money back, undo the transaction or minimize the damage as per reports.

However, prevention is still, always better than cure. If you notice any initial intrusion by an unidentified person, change your passwords right away and keep an eye on your account balances - your personal funds and that of your employees'.

If you want to fight against these cyber hackers, you may use a software to bog them down and disarm them. Sending them on wild goose chases using falsified information, bogging them down with the wrong information, and slowing down their Internet machines literally until they cannot do anything online at all.

The best thing to do is to actually become observant all the time, keeping malicious transactions from happening, and not allowing any unauthorized person opens your admin account. Your website developer can actually help you in this matter.

Your online business is too precious to compromise. Don't allow cybercrimes block you from getting into the ladder of success in online business. Get the best web developer to develop your business website with complete security against cyber fraud. Call us +254 722 209 414 expertise immediately!

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