Four Easy Ways of Bringing Constant Traffic to Your Website! Kenya

Nothing is as inspiring as starting a website or blog where you can share your skills and expertise with people from all over the world. Unfortunately, many aspiring bloggers soon discover that building a constant stream of traffic to their sites is easier said than done.

It takes ingenious steps to make people want to return to your website over and over again. Here are some easy ways to drive constant visitors to a website and have them come for more:

Share more than once

You might assume that sharing the same content more than once is wrong, but it could be a great tactic to drive constant website visitors. Different people visit your site at different times which means that they might have missed an important post shared earlier. To keep such people in the loop you definitely have to share an article, picture or story a second or third time.

Another reason why re-sharing is a great idea is that some people simply come back for clarity and their return visits appear as increased traffic for your site. Some people need more exposure in order to get the big picture; that's why sharing more than once is a good idea.

Get seasoned influencers to write for you

If you want people to pay close attention to you try getting a seasoned blogger in your niche to write a guest post for you. This will not only land you the audience you seek but you will also get rare access to the bloggers network, which is a great distribution channel.

It might not be easy getting great writers to contribute to your blog but you can offer payments, offer to share content on their sites and give them freebies among other perks.

Repurpose your content

It is obviously difficult to create fresh content for a blog or website but rather than painstakingly trying to write new articles each time, you can re-purpose existing content.

This can be achieved by transforming blog-posts into podcasts or videos for example. In different formats, content is uploaded to separate channels where it would be seen by new people and in turn generate new traffic.

Tweet right

People rely on Twitter to bring more traffic to their sites but unfortunately many don't even get it right. Stop using generic messages as these barely give any information that encourages users to click on a link to your website.

You should also avoid mentioning handles that aren't relevant to your posts as in doing this you discourage people from following your account. To win traffic using Twitter you must optimize your default text to include the title, URL and Twitter handle.

There is certainly no substitute for great website content but that doesn't limit the number of ways you can bring visitors to your site in any way. The secret is keeping your eye open and staying in touch with any changes in rules to avoid penalties.

Organic traffic will become a constant only if they feel welcomed, informed and entertained. If you cannot do it yourself, try hiring professionals who can study your blog or website and come up with ways to bring more traffic to it.

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