Responsive Web Design: Why Is It Important? Kenya

To compete today, every business must have an online marketing strategy. The core of your internet marketing strategy is a professional website. Your website portrays the image of your company, its products and services. You want your website to look professional and be effective in marketing your products and services. Your website should be readable on any device that your customer chooses to access your website.

In addition to looking professional, your website must also be responsive or mobile-friendly. Have you checked how your website looks on a smartphone? Is it responsive or is the text unreadable? Does it scale to fit the smartphone and is the text legible?

Older websites were designed to be viewed on desktops only and they will not scale to fit smartphones. Only a portion of the website may be visible on a smartphone. If customers cannot read your website and they have to scroll sideways or pinch and zoom to make the text legible, they will get frustrated and click away to another competing website.

A website that is not responsive or mobile-friendly is no longer effective today for Internet marketing. You could lose many potential customers who access your website through their smartphones or tablets.

Will A Responsive Website Look Better On A Smartphone?

According to estimates, 64% of Americans own smartphones. In 2015, the number of search queries on mobile devices on Google exceeded those on desktops. More people today are using their smartphones to access websites and online services.

On April 21, 2015, Google began to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. This means that mobile-friendly websites will receive higher rankings and appear higher on Google search engine listings. This will make it easier for users to get search results that are optimized to their smartphones. Since Google is the largest search engine with almost 65% of search traffic, that makes responsive or mobile website design and readability extremely important.

Responsive web design or mobile-friendly web design is used to provide a positive user experience for smartphone users. With Responsive web design, the website is designed to respond and scale to fit devices of all sizes. The text, images, forms and all web content will resize to fit the size of the browsing device.

A responsive website will be easily readable whether you are viewing it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A responsive website will be effective in marketing your products on any device that the customer chooses to access the web.

Responsive web design is essential to a successful Internet marketing strategy today. If your business website is not responsive, you should upgrade to a responsive web design. You cannot afford to lose customers and search engine rankings because your website is older and non-responsive.

If your existing business website is not responsive, and impossible to read on a smartphone, you need to upgrade to a new responsive website design. Contact us at Kenya Website Experts with the contact information below. We build Responsive Websites and WordPress websites and provide SEO and internet marketing services. We are located in ​Pioneer Kimathi Street, 5th Flr, Rm 2, Near Nation Center | Kimathi Street.

Phone: 0722 209 414.

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