Reasons to Consider Using Data Center Companies to Protect Your Data Kenya

Every business these days relies on data. From how your accounts are managed and your invoicing structures to keeping stock records, employee records,
orders, customer information and more. Over the years companies have seen the benefit of backing up data, saving themselves a fortune in the event of a
disaster, such as their entire server shutting down or being infected with a virus, causing them to lose valuable data that can set them back weeks, months
and years.

Today with technology constantly improving, companies don't have to rely on old fashioned back up systems to store their data, taking it to the safe or
another outside location to protect it wherever possible. Today there are data center companies that will help you, giving you the structure you need at a
monthly rate, where you can store your data with complete peace of mind.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose data center companies over storing your data on an external hard drive and taking it to your home safe
each night. Of course you don't want to keep the data in your office safe. As you can imagine in the event of a fire, not only will you lose your server,
but the risk of losing your back up copy is also exceptionally high. This excludes the length of time it will take to back up all the data of the day onto
an external drive, where with a data center, you can back up throughout the day, saving you valuable time and energy in the long run.

One of the benefits of choosing a data center is that the company managing the center is responsible for keeping and operating the IT structure, if you
choose a cloud solution. This will not only save you valuable time, but it can also save you money in the long run. If you are able to find a data center
within easy location of your offices, then you can choose a colocation service. These services form part of a data center where you rent space to put your
own IT infrastructure. In the case of colocation, you are responsible for managing your own equipment, which means you need to manage, monitor and maintain
your systems and software yourself at your own cost.

Another reason you may want to choose this solution is that data centers are built to effectively manage servers, storage and software. They have the
protocols and procedures in place to ensure your systems perform at their best at all times, whether you choose them for disaster recovery or for all your
data on a daily basis. The same applies whether you choose colocation or cloud, so you know your data will be accessible as and when you need it with
complete confidence.

In addition to this, data center companies have spent a small fortune on cooling to ensure that the center is cool controlled at all times. Keeping your
hardware cool is essential to performance. Remember all parts of your server are working parts, this can generate a lot of heat, so you want complete peace
of mind that you have a cooled environment where your systems can perform at their best at all times.

In most instances, whether you choose data center companies for cloud storage or colocation you will find that they will supply all the power supplies,
back up power and chillers on site. This can save you money in the long run, saving you from having to invest in this essential equipment from your own

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