How to configure e-mail filtering in cPanel

You can use e-mail filters to block unwanted messages based upon a certain set of conditions. For example, you can specify that messages containing a certain word or phrase are deleted automatically or routed to another e-mail address. The e-mail filters that you create are cumulative: if an e-mail message passes through one filter, it can still be blocked by a subsequent filter.

To create an e-mail filter for an e-mail account, follow these steps:

  • In the Mail section of the cPanel home screen, click Account Level Filtering.
  • Click Create a New Filter.
  • In the Filter Name text box, type the filter name.
You should use a filter name that is easily identifiable so you can tell what the filter's purpose is. Also, filter names must be unique; you cannot use duplicate filter names.

Under Rules, specify the filter rules. For example, to filter e-mail messages that contain the word buy in the subject:
  • In the first list box, select Subject.
  • In the second list box, select contains.
  • Type buy in the text box.

Click the + icon to add another rule.
You can add as many rules as you want. For example, the sample rule in the previous step blocks all messages that contain the word buy in the subject. You can add another rule that specifies the word now in the subject. Select and in the list box. The filter will now match any message that contains the words buy and now in the subject line.

  • Under Actions, select the action that the filter should perform if rule conditions are matched. You can specify multiple actions.
  • Click Create.

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