How do I create a backup of my website?

How can I back up my web site?

It’s important that you know what you’re backing up first. If you’re running a content management system, such as Drupal, WordPress or any web site that runs a database, you’ll have to back up the database as well. If you’re running a simple web site, you’ll have to just back up the web site files.

Step #1 – Backing up Website files

In order to backup your files, we recommend that you use FTP and copy the whole public_html directory from your web hosting account to your local PC. We recommend using FileZilla to transfer (copy) your web site files to your local PC.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the software:

Important folders to download from the root folder of your account:

  • mail (location of all your stored e-mails)
  • public_html (location of all your stored website files)

Step #2 – Backing up Databases

Login to your cPanel account and click on the phpMyAdmin icon located under the databases section.

  1. Select the database you wish to backup in the drop-down database selection box on the left
  2. Click the Export Tab towards the top of the interface. This will take you to the Export page with a lot of options
  3. Click “Select All”. This ensures that all the tables in the database is included.
  4. Select “SQL” in the Export box
  5. Ensure that “Structure” is selected, then make sure the “Add Auto_Increment” and “Enclose Table and Field Name with Backquotes” boxes are ticked.
  6. Make sure “Data is selected, check “Hexadecimal for Binary Field” and set the Export type to “Insert”.
  7. Select “Save as File” then click “Go”. You will be prompted to save the database to your computer.

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