How to create and manage mailing lists in cPanel

Creating mailing list in cPanel

cPanel allows you to create mailing lists in several clicks:

Log into your cPanel, navigate to Mail section and click on Mailing Lists


In the next window:

  - Enter the mailing list name in the List Name text box.
  - Select a domain from the Domain menu.
  - Enter strong password for your mailing list
  - Select one of the following access types:

      public - subscriptions are open.
      private - administrator must approve subscriptions.

   2. Click on Add Mailing List


Once done you will see a message about successful mailing list creation.

 Managing mailing lists

 All your mailing lists created can be found in Current Lists section.

List Name - the name of your Mailing List.
Disk Usage - the amount of disk space that mailing list uses
Access - private or public
Administrator - mailing list administrators
Functions - administrative functions for the mailing list.

   1) Delete - the mailing list will be removed.
   2) Change Password - allows to change mailing list password without the old one.
   3) Manage - redirects to mailing list management dashboard.


   4) Delegation - assigns administrative rights to available users. Use arrows to add/exclude selected users from the list of administrators and click Save.

Among the most common tools to manage your mailing lists with you can find the following ones:

  General options

    Passwords - change list ownership passwords
    Language options - set default and supported languages for your mailing lists

  Membership Management

    Membership List - list of currently subscribed users
    Mass Subscription - subscribe new users or send invitations
    Mass Removal - remove users from your mailing list

  Privacy options

    Subscription rules - this section allows you to configure subscription and membership exposure policy.
    Sender filters - this section contains the controls for moderation of both member and non-member postings.
    Recipient filters - this section allows you to configure various filters based on the recipient of the message.
    Spam filters - this section allows you to configure various anti-spam filters posting filters, which can help reduce the amount of spam your list members end up receiving

 This is it!

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