WHMCS Configuring Servers

How to Configure Servers in WHMCS

    Begin by going to Setup > Products/Services > Servers in WHMCS.
    Under the Options heading, click on Create New Group.
    On the next screen, enter a group name.
    Select whether to Assign new orders to the least full server or fill the default server until it reaches the number of accounts limit set for it.

  1. Begin by going to Setup > Products/Services > Servers in WHMCS.
  2. Click Add New Server.
  3. Enter the name for your server, its hostname and IP address.
  4. The "Max. No. of Accounts" is used for load balancing.  It is the most accounts this server can handle.  If you only have one server, enter a high number.
  5. Enter your server's nameservers and nameserver IP addresses.
  6. For reseller accounts, and Linux dedicated servers, select cPanel from the drop down list for "type."
  7. Enter your server login details.  These are the root/reseller details you use to administer the server. 
  8. Click Save Changes.
  9. Ensure the server is set as the default server for new accounts.  This is denoted by the asterisk,  Click the server name to make it the default.

Note: If you only assign one server to a group select the Add to the least full server fill option.

    Choose the servers to be set to the group in the box on the left.
    Click Add to move the chosen servers to the box on the right which contains the servers for the group.
    Click Save Changes.

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