Terms used in cpanel resource usage statitics

Is the processing power available to your site. The more processing power you have, the faster calculations are performed and the greater your computing power.

Physical Memory
Physical Memory, referred to as RAM, determines how much data is stored in memory for quick access by your site. The more RAM you have, the faster your site performance is for visitors.

Entry Processes
Entry processes roughlyl estimates the number of visitors that your website can deliver data to simultanesously. When a visitor interacts with a page on your site, entry processes lasting milliseconds are opened to deliver the data. When the data is delivered, the entry process is freed up.

File usage is measured in inodes, the number of files (including emails) and folders that can ben stored on your accout. Higher file usage limits let you store more files and folders on your account.

I/O is the speed at which your website can retrieve and store data from the hard disk. Increasing your I/O results in less slowing when your site is busy and trying to process data.

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