Commonly Used Port Numbers

This is a list of commonly used ports, and does not include all possible ports that may be opened on a server.


  cPanel 2082
  cPanel - SSL 2083
  WHM 2086
  WHM - SSL 2087
  Webmail 2095
  Webmail - SSL 2096


  POP3 110
  POP3 - SSL 995
  IMAP 143
  IMAP - SSL 993
  SMTP 25
  SMTP Alternate 26
  SMTP Alternate 587
  SMTP - SSL 465


  HTTP 80
  SSL 443
  FTP 21
  FTPs 990
  SFTP 22
  SFTP Shared/Reseller Servers 2222
  Webdisk 2077
  Webdisk - SSL 2078
  MySQL 3306
  MSSQL 1433
  SSH 22
  SSH Shared/Reseller Servers 2222


  Plesk Control Panel 8880
  Plesk Control Panel - SSL 8443
  Plesk Linux Webmail N/A*
  Plesk Windows Webmail (SmarterMail) 9998**
  Virtuozzo 4643
  DotNet Panel 9001
  DotNet Panel Login 80
  RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) 4489

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