Skeleton directory adds polish to new cPanel account creation Kenya

The skeleton directory, or skel, is a feature available in Web Host Manager (WHM), the control panel that comes with reseller and higher hosting accounts on cPanel servers.
This directory is used as a template, or skeleton, for new cPanel accounts.
Anything placed in the skeleton directory of the reseller account is automatically copied to the home directory of any new cPanel account created by that reseller.

For example if, in the skeleton directory, you create a /public_html directory include an index.html file, each new cPanel account you create will have a copy of that index.html in their public_html directory.

To determine your skeleton directory path:

  1. Login to cpanel
  2. Click "File manager", then clik "go"
  3. Click "up  one level"
  4. Click "cpanel3-skel"
  5. Click "public_html"
  6. And then upload your files in that directory

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