How to reset a Joomla user password via Database

If you've forgotten a Joomla user's password, either a standard user or an administrator, you can reset their password directly within the Joomladatabase.
There are several ways to manage a Joomla database. One of the more popular database clients is phpMyAdmin, which we will use in this tutorial to reset a Joomla user password.

To change a Joomla user password from within the database:

Log into phpMyAdmin and access your Joomla database

you can do this by logging into your cPanel, clicking the phpMyAdmin icon, and then clicking your Joomla database in the left menu.

  1. Open your users table

    You can do this by clicking the users table in the left menu. If you setup a prefix for your tables when installing Joomla 2.5, such as i8ee, then the table name will look similar to i8ee_users.
  2. Find the user you want to reset the password for and click the edit icon next to them (which is a pencil icon)
  3. Next to "password", choose MD5 in the drop down, type in a new password, and then click Go.

    Congratulations, you have successfully reset a Joomla user password using phpMyAdmin! Log into your Joomla dashboard as this user and ensure it saved correctly.

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