Supported Technologies

Not compatible
A Kenya Website Experts Agent must enable this for you.
Please submit a ticket or contact us via phone or live chat.
Service Shared/Reseller Dedicated/VPS
Ad serving
Adobe ColdFusion
(Installation & configuration not available)
Adobe Media Server (was Flash Media Server)  
AdSpy Sites  
Alias files, aliases  
aMember Pro  
Apache 2
Apache Cassandra  
Apache Flex    
Apple Mail, Mac Mail    
apt-get (would require a different OS than we provide)    
Aspell, Pspell    
AWstats (included)    
AWstats includes    
browscap, browscap.ini    
Bugzilla (Installation & configuration not available)
Byte Range Requests/Byte Serving    
C, C++, GCC, C Compiler    
Clam AV    
CentOS 6.4 (included)    
ClipShare/File Sharing    
Code signing    
Colo, colocation services    
(Installation & configuration not available)
Compressed Files (.rar* .zip .tar.gz .bz2)    
cPanel Pro  
cPanel skins - Third party    
CRE Loaded Sites    
CRE Loader
(Not included, but you can install it)
Cron jobs (included)    
cURL, libcurl, PHP/CURL (included)    
Cyberduck FTP    
 Disable open_base dir    
 Django (shared requires fastcgi)    
dl() function    
Dolphin 7
(You provide installation and license)
 Ray, Orca, & older Dolphin versions (    
 Drupal (included)    
 Emacs (requires SSH)    
 Email Piping    
 GCD (Google Cash Detective)    
 GD2 Library (included)    
 get, Wget    
 Git client    
 Git server    
 Gnome/KDE (No support or installation provided, install at your own risk)    
 Google AdSense & AdWords    
 Google Apps & Email    
 HIPAA compliance    
 HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)    
 HTTP Digest Authentication    
 HTTP keep-alive    
HTTP streaming (audio/video)     
 If-Modified-Since HTTP header    
 ImageMagick, Image Magick (included)    
 ionCube Loader, decoder    
 Java, Tomcat, .jsp    
 Java virtual machine (JRE, JVM)    
 JavaServer Faces (JSF)    
Joomla (included)     
 LAME MP3 Encoder    
 LaTeX (but we do not support the binary)    
 LDAP, openldap    
 Libogg + Libvorbis    
 Live streaming, webcam, radio or video broadcast    
 Load balancing    
 Mail - Exim    
 Mail - any other MTA (postfix)    

 Midnight Commander, MC    
 Ming (PHP module)    
 Miva empresa    
mod_deflate, mod_gzip     
 mod_perl, mod_python, mod_sql_auth, mod_ruby    
 mod_rewrite, mod_speling
(must enable in .htaccess)
mod_security, mod_sec     
 Mplayer + MEncoder    
 MySQL and PostgreSQL    
 MySQL Cluster    
 Nulled scripts (forbidden per our TOS)    
 NuSphere PhpExpress    
 OLSB, OLP    
 Online chat programs    
OPCache, Opcode caching modules, XCache, php APC
 openSSL 0.9.8o    
 Oracle (not recommended for VPS plans)    
 Payment gateway/merchant provider    
 PCI Compliance    
 PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)    
 PDFlib (requires commercial license)    
 PDO or pdo_mysql    
 Pear MDB2    
 PEAR modules    
 Perl 5, Python 2, CGI, CPAN (all included)    
 Perl DBI module    
 PHP 5 (included)    
 PHP iconv    
 PHP and PECL modules    
 PHP shell_exec    
 PHP tokenizer    
 PHPArcadeScript, phpas    
 PHP Multibyte String (mbstring)    
 phpMyAdmin (included)    
 Pine (email client)    
 POP3 (included)    
 PostgreSQL, Informix, Sybase Solid, Generic ODBC    
 Proxy servers, socket servers, SOCKS 4, 4a, &5    
 Push Button Cash Site    
 Push Email    
 Python setuptools    
 QuickInstall (included)    
 Rapid Leech    
 Red5 Media Server    
 RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)    
 Round Robin DNS    
RSS feeds     
 Ruby on Rails (included)    
 Safe Harbor Certified (included)    
 SCP, SFTP    
 Sendgrid SMTP
(Sending email via Sendgrid's SMTP servers via script) (Note: Sendgrid's Web API may work on shared & reseller, but is untested at this time.)
Server clock adjustments
(other than Central Standard Time [CST] & Central Daylight Saving [CDT]) 
 Server redundancy    
 session_gc, probability, divisor, maxlifetime    
 Shared SSL    
 Shopping carts    
 SHTML (SSI-enabled HTML), SSI, server side includes (all included)    
 ShoutCast, Icecast    
SiteBuilder by Parallels Plesk (available by request)
 SiteStudio (no longer available, but existing accounts still work.)    
 SMF (Simple Machines Forum)    
 SMS Gateway, MMS    
 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)(included)    
 SourceGuardian (decoder)    
 SoX (audio processing)    
 SpamAssassin, spamd    
 SRV record (Service Record)    
 SSH2 (included)    
 SSH tunnel    
 Streaming Flash    
 Subversion SVN Client    
 SVN/CVS Repository    
 tmpfs (configuration requires billing for admin time)    
 Trac, TracInstall    
 Urchin Stats (discontinued)    
 vi (requires SSH)    
 VMware (virtualization)    
 VNC (You provide installation)    
 Voice servers (TeamSpeak/Ventrillo)    
vtiger CRM, SugarCRM
(You provide installation and license) 
 Webalizer (included) (Video tutorial)    
 Webdav (class 1)    
 Web Disk    
 WebMail Access: Horde, SquirrelMail, RoundCube (all included)    
 Wiki (MediaWiki, PhpWiki, TWiki)    
 Wildcard SSL, multi-domain SSL    
 WordPress (included)    
 WordPress MU (now incorporated into WordPress 3.0 and above)    
 WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface), mod_wsgi    
 X Windows (X11)    
 XML, xml-rpc    
 XMPP (you provide installation)    
 XSSI (extended server side includes)    
 Zend Core    
 Zend Framework    
 Zend Guard (replaces Optimizer)    
 zlib compression library    

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