G Suite is a collection of the powerful cloud-based business solutions produced by Google. You’re likely familiar with most of them: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and many more. G Suite is basically everything that your business clients need to drive productivity, save time, and get back to conquering their local markets.

When starting a business, every entrepreneur or business owner needs a branded email. A business branded email adds legitimacy to business contact information! Setting up a branded email with G Suite is easy, and your clients will instantly see the value in having a branded Gmail domain as opposed to using a personal email for business.

We offer a white-label platform, so every owned product and service that you want to sell through us will have your branding on it. We’re not about the glory, but we are all about helping you serve your clients better.

What’s more? In partnering with us, you also get access to over 50 other powerful products and services within our Marketplace that can all be bundled and sold under your branding, and at your price point. Check out our pricing and see which plan fits your need.


Kenya Google G Suite Reseller Pricing

No. of Accounts Period Register Renew
1-5 Email Accounts 1 Month $ 7.00 $ 7.00
6-25 Email Accounts 1 Month $ 6.50 $ 6.50
26-49 Email Accounts 1 Month $ 6.00 $ 6.00
50 or more Email Accounts 1 Month $ 5.50 $ 5.50

G Suite is an extension of everything that Google stands for. With G Suite, your clients can be confident that they are implementing the most user-friendly, convenient, compatible, and secure apps that they need for their work.

If you are ready to amplify your revenue, build stronger relationships with your clients, and always outmatch your competitors you better sign now

Our SSL Reseller Service is fully automated enabling you to offer SSL Certificates to your customers via a sophisticated online ordering system, without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure.

The G Suite Reseller Service is a 100% white label system which means your customers are your customers. We'll never send your customers to our retail site or contact them with marketing material


Our support department monitor all reseller orders and will ensure to assist you with handy tips to maximize sales and to retain customer satisfaction.

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